About us


Founded in 2019, HAYSIDE CZ s.r.o. does not have a long history, yet it brings to the market a historic and history-proven product with an interesting story, such as liqueur Mahlerovka. It is an old-Bohemian liqueur whose history dates back to 1861, when its production was launched by a citizen of Jihlava named Bernhard Mahler, the father of the world-famous music composer Gustav Mahler. Our company has thus renewed the tradition of the original recipe for this delicately tasting beverage with a light aroma of linden blossoms. herbal undertone, and a long-lasting aftertaste of honey.

With the she sales of this liqueur we contribute to severely ill children, through the SPIRIT HELP Foundation, and expand the cooperation in this area with other entities wishing to assume social responsibility as part of their activities, as well.

Our assorted products also include high-quality coffee for connoisseurs, under the brand name of HAYSIDE mix which we prepare weekly by medium roasting carefully selected three coffee bean varieties of Arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Brazil, and Robusta coffee from India.

To fans of our traditional Bohemian “twelfie”, we offer our honest light lager beer brewed from high-quality ingredients under the private brand name of Mág [Maagh], specially produced for our customers at the Chotěboř {Khotyeborz} brewery in accordance with the Bohemian tradition of typical golden beer with thick foam, characteristic fullness, and intense flavor.

Why buy our products:

  • Mahlerovka is an original liqueur whose taste used to be enjoyed by generations of our ancestors – by trying out this liqueur you enrich your sensory experience or get a unique present for somebody special, while simultaneously helping sick children
  • HAYSIDE Mix combines individual varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee in a way that will make you smile, whether you taste it during a workshop or during a daytime date with your friends.  Such moments of joy can be repeated anytime
  • Mág is a light lager and one of the few kinds of beer that are still brewed in the old fashion with love and patience. Some things just cannot be achieved in a rush.

If our offer has captured your attention, do not hesitate to visit our e-shop on our website.