Mahlerovka 0,7 Swarovski

Let us acquaint you with an old Bohemian liqueur that we are about to bring to the market. It’s an herbal liqueur with a light scent of linden blossoms and long-lasting honey flavor, whose history dates back to 1861, when its production was launched by a citizen of Jihlava named Bernhard Mahler, the father of the world-famous music composer Gustav Mahler. With this initiative, we tie onto the tradition of producing this time-proven liqueur made according to the original recipe. We bestowed Mahlerovka, as the liqueur is named, with a certain peculiarity. Namely, in addition to making a delicious beverage that is particularly suited for cultural and social gatherings of friends, as well as private events, we have also created a special marketing scheme enabling us to help severely ill persons through a foundation named SPIRIT HELP . This noble cooperation will always be associated with our Mahlerovka. We believe that the linkage between our production and restoration of historical tradition, as well as support for ill persons will not only help promote the product itself, but also be beneficial for the society as a whole.


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